Questions I think often as a mother: “Why is your shirt/pants/face/literally any part of your little body wet?” “Why is MY shirt/pants/face/literally any place on my body wet?”    “How long could I really go without showering?”  “How much can I spend on baby clothes without going into debt?”  “WHY are you crying?!”  “Will I ever nap again?” “Could you get any cuter?”  “How did I ever live without you?”

I know I’m a little late on this post (I never have time to write this blog about my baby because said baby requires all of my attention), but Avalynn is now half a year old! (And will be seven months old in less than a week…I’m a lot late on this post.)  We’re focusing on the bigger milestones now, like crawling and sitting up.  She can sit with minimal assistance, and she has even sat unassisted for a few seconds.  But she has absolutely no motivation to crawl (roll: yes, crawl: no).  I’ve stuck every toy she owns in front of her (even bought several new ones – to no avail), placed a mirror in front of her, and laid down in front of her myself.  She’s perfectly content to just to lay there and stare at all of the objects meant to encourage her to move forward.  The one time she seemed like she kind of wanted to move was when I sat down with her and ate a Pop Tart (yes, girl, food motivates me too). Sidenote: Pop Tarts are surprisingly dairy free (at least the flavors I eat).  So are Oreos.  My initial hopes of this dairy free diet leading me to lose the rest of this baby weight have now been squashed.

Speaking of food, we started trying out baby food last week.  Consensus: avocado is gross, apple sauce and green beans are tolerable, and bananas and sweet potatoes are absolutely delicious.

I said in an earlier post that I tried really hard not to co-sleep.  Well, I’ve given in a little bit.  Once she started sleeping through the night, she was mostly content to sleep wherever I laid her.  Nowadays, I lay her in her bed (right next to mine) after her last feeding and go to sleep myself.  Without fail, this child will begin grunting and groaning around midnight until I pick her up and lay her next to me.  The second her head hits my pillow, she’s out like a light and perfectly content.  Now this isn’t me trying to promote co-sleeping.  I know there’s a lot of debate about it, and every mama is free to make her own decisions.  But personally, if sleeping next to me is what makes her happy, then why would I not do it?  I make sure the area in which she’s sleeping is clear of pillows and extra blankets, and I don’t let her sleep next to John (because that guy flails around like a mad man in his sleep.  It’s hardly a safe place for me, much less her.  Small tangent: John once punched me in the back while sleeping – he says he was fighting someone.  Another time, he grabbed my arm and yanked me over because he was apparently saving me from falling off a cliff.).  And I have to say, it makes me happy, too.  Some nights it takes me a while to go back to sleep just because I lay there and stare at her sleeping beside me.  Fingers crossed that it won’t be too big of a struggle to get her to sleep in her own bed when she’s older though.

We are on track to move back to Mississippi at the end of the month!  We have a house and jobs lined up, and we’ve already made a few social plans.  While I am so excited to be near family and old friends, I am already beginning to miss all of things Charleston has to offer:

The Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC, where I had Avalynn) has a clinic purely devoted to assisting children with Down syndrome.  We had our first visit a couple of weeks ago.  They sent in an occupational therapist, a physical therapist, a speech therapist, and an ENT doctor to evaluate Avalynn and make sure she’s on track.  She did pretty well, but she’s a tad shy, so they had to take our word for a few things. (She rolls everywhere at home.  Did she roll over once for them? No.  She coos up a storm when it’s just us.  Did she make a single sound for them? Noooo.)  She tends to just stare blankly at strangers (don’t we all, kid).  The director went ahead and wrote orders to start physical and occupational therapy in MS, which I’m actually excited about.  I’m ready to learn how to help my child excel.

We also had a play date with our buddies in our local Down syndrome association at The Little Gym.  It was super fun learning exercises for the itty bitties and being able to play with other kiddos.

Since winter basically decided to not exist this year, we went to the beach.  We didn’t let Ava try out the water this time because even though it was 80 degrees outside, the water was still pretty chilly.  She did play in the sand a bit and seemed to enjoy the sun.

This child is pure bliss, and our lives are brighter because of her.  Until next time friends, may your days be as joyful as ours.

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